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Vaseline – Paint the Town Red

Oooooh it’s got so cold over the past few weeks here in the UK! Brrrrrrr! My lips always suffer every winter and, as chapped lips have yet to be in fashion, I thought I’d better pick up some new lip balm.

I’ve always loved Vaseline. I remember my mum buying me my first little blue and white tin as a stocking filler when I was about 10! Since then things have come on a lot in the world of lip balm and lip tints are the order of the day!

I’ve ventured into other brands such as Carmex and Burt’s Bees over the years but, being in a nostalgic mood in Boots the other day, I settled on this lovely little tin of red lip tint. It’s a Vaseline Limited Edition Lip Tint called ‘Paint the Town Red’ (see what they did there…?).


Some of you may remember the other limited editions, creme brulee and pink bubbly. Neither of those took my fancy at the time but a red lip tint…? Yes please!

The tint comes in the usual Vaseline 20g tin but has a much funkier design on the front, of red dripping down over a black background to reveal a city skyline. Very cool and artsy!


The lip tint itself has much the same consistency as standard Vaseline, but is quite a dark red in colour. If any of you out there are a little faint hearted about bold lips, please do not be put off by the colour! The colour payoff on the lips is very low and just leaves a lovely red sheen on the lips. I find it enhances the colour of my lips and it is definitely less scary to wear than red lippie! It also has a gorgeous spiced berry smell which I love! Very wintery and reminds me of Christmas!

The tin is great to pop in your coat pocket or bag and apply throughout the day. I will certainly be wearing this at work over the next few months when I’ve got out of bed a bit late!

My only gripe would be that it is a bit of of a pain to apply as you have to use your finger. I would have prefer a little tube that you can apply straight onto your lips, but hey ho – looks like my finger might have a red stain by the end of the week!

If you like the look of this little tin of gorgeousness remember to pick one up soon as they are limited edition and who knows when they’ll suddenly disappear from the shops!

For £3.49 I think it’s an absolute bargain!

Has anyone else tried this? What did everyone else think of it?